Human Resources

Staff and Functionality

January 2022 - Present

Issiah D. McLean

I am Issiah McLean, the Founder of the Fayetteville Leaders Initiative. I am most interested in being part of the daily activities in the organization, I am determined to lead my peers and community on a path that is geared towards success. It is the responsibility of F.L.I. to understand our role in the community that we serve.

January - Present

Community Outreach Specialist
Kiera Porter

Our community outreach specialist "Kiera Porter" educates the public about programs and resources that promote community engagement and Career Advancement. His duty is to develop and implement career readiness programs, supervising staff, managing activities, and overseeing marketing and public awareness marches  marketing and public awareness campaigns.

January 2022- Present

Digital Marketing Specialist
Preston Freeman

As a Social media coordinator within the Leaders Initiative, "Preston Freeman has developed original content and suggest creative ways to attract more customers and promote our brand. Ultimately, He is able to increase web traffic and customer engagement metrics aligned with broader marketing strategies.

January 2022- Present

Activities Coordinator
Tay Brown

This position is an eccentric part to the Fayetteville Leaders Initiative, Tay Brown does a fantastic job of implementing different ideas to aid to a direct audience. She has provided support to our team with student leadership development. Recruits, selects, trains and supervise different opportunities.